“So what if I grind my teeth?”

Upper Right Canine flattened by grinding

Upper teeth in contact with lower teeth on right side

“So what if I grind my teeth?” I hear this so often from my patients. This is an interesting case of one of my patients who flattened her upper right canine due to grinding. When this happens, not only that you damage your canine, but it no longer protects your back teeth from destructive forces of grinding. As you can see, all of the teeth on the right side are in contact. One of the ways to address this problem is to restore damaged canines to their original shapes by using bonding material. This is a very conservative way to restore a damaged tooth and reestablish protective properties of canines. Notice, that after upper right canine is bonded, only this tooth is in contact when a patient moves her bottom jaw to the right side.

Upper right canine bonded

Right side: only restored canine is in contact with opposing teeth