Dr. Zusin, DDS, MS

Let’s say it is Saturday, and you are wearing high heels walking along one of the local streets with your husband. All of a sudden, quite unexpectedly, one of your heels gets attracted to one of the numerous potholes in the pavement, and you find yourself flat on your face […]

Flat on your face…

I am often asked by my patients if there is mercury in their fillings. They also ask if it is dangerous to their health. The simple answer is “yes”, there is, and “no”, it is not dangerous, according to the latest available scientific data. Mercury is a component of the […]

Is there mercury in my fillings?

This is an interesting case of a teenager who has a congenitally missing canine. The best replacement option for this teenager is an implant. Unfortunately, this teenager is not old enough to get an implant. As a temporary solution, we decided to replace a missing canine by a “Maryland” bridge: […]

Missing tooth: what are the options?

“So what if I grind my teeth?” I hear this so often from my patients. This is an interesting case of one of my patients who flattened her upper right canine due to grinding. When this happens, not only that you damage your canine, but it no longer protects your […]

“So what if I grind my teeth?”

“Ouch! my tooth hurts!”, said one of my patients the other day during a routine examination. “Especially when I chew on my left side. Is it a cavity?” Sometimes it is a cavity that causes tooth to hurt. A lot of times it is not. A lot of times pain […]

“Ouch! my tooth hurts!”

The other day  I had a patient who came to see me because she broke her tooth. Unfortunately, at this point this tooth can not be saved. The real question is: could this have been avoided? The answer is yes. The history behind this broken tooth is that it had […]

Price of waiting too long…